Gold Medal Gymnastics

We are a fully air-conditioned facility!


Open Gym on Saturdays from 12:30 - 2:30


Cost: $12 per child unless doing a make up. 

Parents must sign children in.




Parent must accompany and supervise children ages 5 and under on the floor.






We reopened on Monday, 6 July!


If you have not already signed up for a class, please contact us as soon as possible, as for now, some class sizes will be smaller due to COVID protocol occupancy limits. Also, we have had to adjust our schedule, so please be aware that not all classes are guaranteed to be on the same day or time. If you have more than one day which would be convenient, we would like you give us options to consider.


Remember, the most convenient way to contact us to be certain we receive your message is to email me at



The Gym: 

  • All shared props are removed for the time being
  • All high-touch areas and equipment are wiped down after each station rotation and after each class with cleaners effective against COVID-19
  • Gym is cleaned and also sanitized each evening with an Aquafog Atomizer™ using a hospital grade disinfectant (Peroxy HDox)
  • Students are required to have their masks with them during class.
  • The drinking fountain is closed; students are required to bring their own water bottles
  • The party room/waiting room is closed, temporarily
  • The team room is closed, temporarily
  • All adults must wear masks
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided, both in the lobby and by each event, and the bathrooms will be monitored to make certain the soap dispensers are filled


  • Employees must adhere to guidelines for wellness, including temperature checks
  • Employees shall sanitize or wash their hands before and after each class
  • Employees shall wear masks
  • Coaches shall limit their physical contact with students, however for safety some spotting will always be necessary
  • Coaches shall enforce physical distancing between students

 Pick up and drop off: 

  • An employee shall be stationed at the front door for both drop off of students and pick up afterwards
  • Please arrive on time for class, but no more than five minutes beforehand
  • Parents are asked to wait in your cars until given notice it is time let your children enter for their class
  • If your child is over five years of age, parents/guardians are not allowed to stay; your child can be picked up after class
  • Students temperatures will be checked upon arrival; any student with a temperature of 99.5 or higher or appears to be ill shall be sent home
  • Students required to sanitize or wash hands before and after class
  • Parents entering the building must sanitize their hands


  • Non-porous markers shall be used to help with safe distancing, and shall be sanitized between classes
  • The chalk buckets will not be used. Each team girl will be given their own chalk and a container for it
  • Grips are to be kept in a sealed plastic bag with the gymnast’s name on it when not in use and shall stored in their personal bag
  • Students will sanitize their hands after each event rotation


 Due to COVID-19, we have generated a new release form which must be signed by all new and returning families.


 (As always, for updates, you can check this website, our blog, or follow us on Facebook.)


~Coach K










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Gymnastics is a wonderful sport that can provide a strong foundation for many other aspects of your child's life. At Gold Medal Gymnastics we teach your child in a positive, uplifting, and fun environment. Our student-to-coach ratio will be kept to an average of eight students per coach. By keeping our classes small, we feel your child will get more individualized attention, have more turns, learn more quickly, and most importantly - have lots of fun!

At Gold Medal Gymnastics, your child will not spend a lot of time standing in line waiting - they will spend much more time doing. After all, isn't that what you are paying us for? Your child will have tasks to perform in between their turns that will reinforce the skill that is currently being taught. There will be times when your child will be watching; however, this is a valuable part of learning too! We strive to keep your child moving. Hopefully, if we can encourage an active lifestyle in the gym, your child will want to remain active outside of the gym and stay healthy and fit.


Our Founder - Brenda Lust

Our Staff

Gold Medal Gymnastics has qualified instructors with a combined coaching experience of over 100 years.


What We Do

We will teach your child in a positive up lifting manner.  We will encourage your child to get up off the couch and keep moving.  That fitness is fun!!