Competitive Team

2014 Shore Classic

Our competitive program continues with the gym philosophy of fitness in a fun and uplifitng enviorment.  Our gymnasts compete in the USAIGC (United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs). This is a college bound program.  Our gymnasts train a maximum of 7 1/2 hours per week.  Many are in other sports and school activites.  The girls and coaches use their time wisely when they are in the gym; they train hard when they are there not standing around wasting time.  We are the 2014 USAIGC  Bronze team Champions, 2014 Copper 2nd place Team, 2014 Silver Team 2nd Place.  2014 twenty-two individual State Champions and 30 World Championship Qualifier.  We are 2006/2007 and 2011 USAIGC STATE CHAMPIONS.   Gold Medal Gymnasts currently hold many State Titles.

Competitive Team Practice Schedule





Monday 5 pm to 7 pm and Thursday 5 pm to 8 pm


Monday, Thursday, and Friday 5 pm to 8 pm


Team Coaches

Fred Ernst

Deb Hurd

Jennifer Wismer

Cheyenne Jenkins

Lee S King



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